Guest Bloggers

Len Ziehm and Cheryl JustakLen Ziehm

Len Ziehm was the golf writer and covered a wide variety of other sports for the Chicago Sun-Times for 41 years prior to his retirement from the Sun-Times’ sports staff in June, 2010.

Len Ziehm

Though officially retired, Len has remained the Sun-Times golf writer while also writing a weekly golf column for the Daily Herald, a chain of Chicago suburban newspapers. He is a columnist/feature writer for Chicago Area Golf newspaper and a regular contributor to Chicago District Golfer magazine. His “Beyond the Fairways’’ column also appears on the Illinois PGA website.

Though his handicap has never dipped below 17, Len may well be Chicago’s most avid golfer. At least he thinks so. He’s taken his passion for the game to virtually every Chicago area public and private course at one time or another and isn’t reluctant to hit the road for more golfing adventures.



Jim Zuccarelli

Jim Zuccarelli

Jim Zuccarelli started the Windy City Public Golfers Guide in 2010 as a way to scratch his writer’s itch (he was initially a Journalism major in college), and his site has developed a loyal following.  The life-long Southsider and avid (though average) golfer strives to present an objective, thoughtful and entertaining evaluation of the Chicagoland Public Golf scene through the eyes of a 20 handicapper in his course reviews and stories.   His goal is to play and write about each and every Windy City public course from the Wisconsin to Indiana borders, and to bag that elusive hole-in-one and maybe break 80, too!

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