Golf Tip – Get Your Putting Touch Back After Winter

Tony Tinetti Bonnie BrookBy Tony Tinetti, PGA Professional, Bonnie Brook Golf Course

After a long winter like the one that we just suffered through, it is very difficult to get your golf game back in shape. The hardest thing to get back may be your putting touch. Here is a quick drill to help you with that.

Take 3 balls and put them on the putting surface about 20 feet from the fringe. Your goal is to putt the ball so to make it stop right at the edge of the fringe. Make a couple of practice swings and then step up to the ball, put your putter behind it and just before you take your putter back, close your eyes.

Feel the movement of the putter and your shoulders, and after you hit the putt look and see how far it actually went and how close to the fringe it is. Process this information and putt the next ball again with your eyes closed, all the while trying to make an adjustment to hit the putt either longer or shorter depending on what the first putt result was.

Repeat with the third ball. After doing this for a while, you will teach yourself to focus on rolling the putt instead of “hitting” at it, and that should always be our intent when we are putting. Just a reminder, once you get on the course make sure you remember to open your eyes when you putt.

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